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Jericho To Help Friends of the Earth With Unlocking The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a community building located next door to Moor St Station and a stone’s throw from the Bullring shopping centre. Birmingham Friends of the Earth have managed it for the last 40 years and have chosen Jericho Construction to help them deliver another 40 years of positive environmental change.

The ambitious refurbishment plans will showcase the kind of energy saving insulation and glazing solutions that Birmingham will need in order to meet its climate change commitments.

Phil Burrows, General Manager at Birmingham Friends of the Earth said: “We’ve chosen Jericho Construction because of the transparent way that they quote, the excellent work they’ve done for us in the past and their status as a social enterprise”.

Richard Beard, Chief Executive at the Jericho Foundation said:
“We’re delighted to be working with Birmingham Friends of the Earth again as our social and environmental values are well matched.”

Birmingham Friends of the Earth have had a great team to help get the project through to this stage. The last piece of the jigsaw is to raise investment and they’ll be doing this in a similiar democratic and innovative way that they did to buy the building 30 years ago, through Community Shares.

Simon Borkin, Co-ops UK said: “Co-operatives UK, with funding from Power to Change, is delighted to support such innovative work, and help transform such an important space for the community and the city as a whole. Community business relies on owners, investors and customers all coming together around a single cause, and works best when people are investing to bring benefit to the whole area, as is the case with this project.”

You can see more details of the work that is planned here.

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Extended Hours at Jericho Wood Recycling

Our “Wednesday @ The Woodshack” events have been so successful, that we have decided to hold some more – plus a special Saturday opening:

Saturday 20th May – open 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Wednesday 28th June – open until 7.30 pm

Wednesday 26th July – open until 7.30 pm

As always, the events will be held at our Wood Shack premises:

Unit 9, Metro Triangle, Mount Street, Birmingham, B7 5QT

The following will be provided:

  • Special discounts on selected items
  • Cutting service available
  • Consultations for bespoke orders
  • Customer Orders available to collect
  • Friendly team on hand to offer advice and guidance
  • Tea, coffee, squash and cakes!

We look forward to seeing you there.

For more details please contact:

Kirsty Palmer
Recycling Office Supervisor
The Wood Shack
0121 327 6102

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Wednesday @ The Wood Shack Spring Sale!

The Jericho Foundation is proud to confirm another:

Wednesday @ The Wood Shack

Following our very successful launch event, we are delighted to announce there will be another Wednesday @ The Wood Shack on Wednesday 26th April. We’re having a “Spring Clean” – and you’re going to benefit!

  • Open until 7.30 pm
  • Special discounts on selected items
  • Cutting service available
  • Consultations for bespoke orders
  • Customer Orders available to collect
  • Friendly team on hand to offer advice and guidance
  • Tea, coffee, squash and cakes!

Drum Tops half price! Architrave and skirting 50p per metre, plus chipboard starting at £3!

We look forward to seeing you there. For more details please contact:

Kirsty Palmer
Recycling Office Supervisor
The Wood Shack
0121 327 6102

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Jericho Foundation Welcomed at Downing Street for Celebrating Civil Society in the Midlands Reception

Richard Beard, Chief Executive, represented the Jericho Foundation at the ‘Celebrating Civil Society in the Midlands Reception’ on Wednesday 29th March. The event was held at No 10 Downing Street and was hosted by Rob Wilson MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Civil Society, who was standing in for Theresa May. The reception was attended by a variety of charities, social enterprises and faith leaders delivering social impact in the West Midlands.

The Prime Minister has been vocal in her support of those with mental health issues and also the benefits of supported employment. The Jericho Foundation provides a wide range of support to people with mental health problems, including information, advice, guidance, personal development and training. Jericho also helps vulnerable individuals get back into a variety of roles such as supported employment, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities in the organisation’s eight social enterprise businesses.

Richard said “We were delighted that Mr Wilson gave a special mention to the Jericho Foundation in his speech. We will continue with our mission to provide post-National Referral Mechanism support to the survivors of modern slavery. One thing which would assist these brave people would be the confirmation of conclusive grounds guaranteeing benefits eligibility.”

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Case Study – From Suicide Attempt to a New Life

In 2009 J, a Hungarian man in his 50s, was working as a builder and bus driver. The recession left him unemployed, homeless, and supporting his elderly mother. Duped by false promises he came to the UK – forced to live in a small house with 25 men, working 70 hours per week for £10. He escaped, living in disused garages but was re-trafficked twice – too afraid to leave for fear of becoming homeless again.

J was found by police after a failed suicide attempt, identified as a victim of human trafficking and moved to safe accommodation in Birmingham in 2014, too afraid to report details to the police.

With supported hostel accommodation in place, J initially volunteered at Jericho before progressing into paid employment as his benefits ended. In this environment he began to feel safer, reporting details of his trafficking to police who have been carrying out investigations. His confidence developed, he engaged in English lessons and was an exceptionally hard worker. We were thrilled to later offer him full time permanent employment where he is now a highly valued member of the staff team. He said:

“This is heaven. Step by step I now have a new life”

(Our Client Support Team is pictured)


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Case Study – Duped By A False Promise

BH is a Hungarian man who was trafficked into the UK in November 2011. He was promised that he would be able to work in a factory, and would earn roughly £700 a month. BH has a close relationship with his family and saw it as an opportunity to pay back money that he owed to his sister. Together with another 2 men, he was taken to a property in England and instructed to sleep on the floor in the attic. They worked for long hours in a factory until suddenly they were told by the family that they were living with that they had to pack their bags and leave the property quickly. They stayed with the family and the three men had to share a box room, they felt as though they were being kept in a prison cell. They were only allowed access to the kitchen and bathroom once a day, and showers once a week.  They were barely given any food, and if they did not comply with instructions they were given no food so they had to resort to shop lifting to survive.

They tried to leave but because they couldn’t speak English their attempts to ask for help failed. BH felt mentally completely under the family’s control. He was eventually identified as a potential victim of trafficking at a homeless shelter after escaping and was linked in with support. However his language barriers and difficulties in navigating the British labour market meant that he struggled to find work. Unemployment made it difficult to recover from his experience because of continuing difficulties with benefits and the feeling of worthlessness that he experienced from not being able to earn money for himself.


BH was referred to Jericho by Hope for Justice in early 2016 and relocated to Birmingham from the North East to begin part time paid employment within our Landscape Social Enterprise in February. His English had already begun to improve through his experience in Britain and he was keen to develop this further. Although showing an interest to learn more through ESOL, we have struggled to encourage BH to attend these weekly lessons – he is more willing to improve through everyday conversation with colleagues. His desire to work is unquestionable and he has engaged well with other team members – he has just needed the right opportunity and to be in a supportive environment where he is able to learn to trust again. When BH moved to Birmingham he was found supported accommodation in a shared flat but as the weeks went on he grew in confidence and independence and no longer felt the need to receive this housing support. BH showed huge potential and readiness to progress into other work and as a support worker at Hope for Justice said, his life “has completely changed since being employed by Jericho”.

After 4 months supported employment at Jericho, BH was able to secure full time paid employment in Construction in another UK city and has now been given a 2 year contract.

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Jericho Social Media Day – #jerichoinaday – Wednesday 5th April 2017

On Wednesday 5th April we will be holding the first fun, inclusive, interactive Jericho social media day #jerichoinaday!

#jerichoinaday aims to showcase the moments, big and small, that make up the everyday life of Jericho – from meetings at head office, to recycling pick-ups … to what goes on in the kitchen at catering, or activities at our Sutton Coldfield Reuse shop.

We want to spotlight the spirit of Jericho and the impact that we are making through pictures, videos and messages across our social media platforms, throughout the day. Each Jericho social enterprise will have a #jerichoinaday ambassador who will provide a fun and intimate look into what really goes on!

From 8am – 5pm and all staff, managers, apprentices, customers and friends are encouraged to get involved and contribute using hashtag #jerichoinaday!

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Jericho Apprentice Winners At 2017 Star Apprenticeship Awards

The 2017 Star Apprenticeship Awards took place on Friday 10th March at The MacDonald Burlington Hotel.

Patrick Masih, Client Support Manager, and Carolyn Davies, Catering Manager joined our apprentices at the event. We are delighted to share that the Jericho Foundation had two winners!

Billy (above), one of our Jericho Catering apprentices, won the Hospitality Apprentice Award!

Oliver (below), won the overall Star Apprentice Award!

Here is some more information about Billy, from his Manager Carolyn:

“Billy was diagnosed as autistic as a child and when he left school he decided he would like to join the army as a chef. First Billy joined Jericho to get some training and experience. When he arrived Billy lacked any confidence and was extremely shy. He found it difficult to speak to anybody, staff or customers, often hiding in the washing up area so he wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.

After a few weeks Billy mustered the courage to begin serving customers. On one occasion, sadly, a customer wasn’t happy with what Billy had given her and got very upset and left. Billy again hid himself away.

I thought Billy wouldn’t come back again and was surprised to see him the following day. When our other apprentice went on leave Billy immediately stepped up and did his job and did it very well, I was so impressed!

This was just the start for Billy, he started serving customers and running his own section within the Bistro, and everyone said how efficient and helpful he was. Customers commented on how nice Billy’s food was. Not only were they impressed with Billy, he even trained another staff member to take over his section!

After a while Billy began to do one of our contracts – he did this with the same efficiency that he had run his section. Billy would tell me when he needed stock, organise himself and make sure that the contract was done well.
Towards the end of his apprenticeship Billy found out that the army wouldn’t take him because of his autism. He was very disappointed but he has picked himself up and is looking at alternatives.

I received a phone call from Billy’s assessor saying that he had put Billy’s name forward for an apprentice of the year award and that he had won!
I am so proud of Billy”.


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Social investment tax relief should be more accessible, says Jericho Foundation chief

Speaking at a Philanthropy Impact event, Richard Beard says this is vital with the sector shifting from grants to social investment.

The voluntary sector is starting to shift from grants to social investment, but reforms are needed to make social investment tax relief more accessible, according to Richard Beard, chief executive of the employment social enterprise the Jericho Foundation.

SITR offers income tax relief of up to 30 per cent, or other tax breaks, to individual investors who invest in new shares or debentures in community interest companies, community benefit societies or charities.

Speaking at a Philanthropy Impact event on SITR yesterday, Beard said he thought charities were beginning to realise dependence on grants was less attractive than other ways of generating income.

He said: “I’ve definitely noticed a major mind shift, a cultural shift, among my colleagues in the third sector in the last few years. They’re recognising that grant dependence and handout dependence are not the future; the future is coming up with sustainable models that will ultimately allow enduring social impact to be delivered without the need to keep going back to people for more and more grants.”

Beard praised SITR, declaring it the “best thing to come out of Westminster in the past 10 years”, but said changes were needed to make it more accessible, specifically an increase in the current €340,000 (£290,000) cap on investments into a single organisation.

He said: “Being a more mature organisation, we are stuck with the €340,000 cap. That isn’t a problem for us at the moment, but I think it will become one in the future.”

To read the rest of this article please visit the Third Sector website.

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Concorde BGW Supports Jericho Foundation Recycling Social Enterprise and Local Apprentices

Concord BGW, specialist provider of building, refurbishment and interior fit out services, is combining good commercial practice with their environmental objectives and corporate social responsibilities. They are now employing Jericho Recycling to collect and recycle all unused hard and softwoods produced on their latest redevelopment on Maney Corner in Sutton Coldfield.

The Jericho Recycling social enterprise provides sustainable solutions for commercial and office waste. Services encompass the collection, reclaiming, reuse and recycling of wood into timber, wooden furniture and gifts and kindling.

At the same time, Jericho helps 16-24 year old young people struggling to find work, by offering useful apprenticeships. All apprenticeships involve 30 hours of work paid at the national apprenticeship wage. During the apprenticeship youngsters also work with a Jericho partner college to complete a recognised qualification.

Karl Stanway, Concord BGW Site Manager, said “we are delighted to be working in partnership with such a worthwhile organisation. We are particularly proud that we are helping not just the environment, but also young people in the local area”.

Helen Worrall, Jericho Senior Social Enterprise Manager, agreed “our partnership with Concord BGW is a great example of how companies can become involved in our work in a practical, useful and commercially-sound way”.

Concord BGW are design and build specialists with a difference, offering a unique approach and delivering successful projects for bars, pubs, hotels and the public sector, efficiently and without compromising design. Over the last 25 years Concorde BGW has created a set of services designed to deliver excellent results for clients and to maximise return on investment. To find out more, please visit:

The Jericho Foundation is a charity which breaks down barriers in society and supports disadvantaged people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed. Jericho works with a broad variety of deprived people who are struggling including young people, ex-offenders, homeless people and survivors of modern slavery. They provide work experience or paid employment in their eco-friendly social enterprises. Alongside this, Jericho deliver a holistic package of support, guidance and training which is tailored to each client’s personal needs. This help enables the clients to end their dependency on benefits, secure sustainable employment and become an inclusive and integrated part of their local community. To find out more, please visit

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