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Jericho in a Day

All eight of the Jericho Foundation’s Social Enterprises were represented at The ReUsers in Sutton Coldfield showcasing products and services. There was free tea, coffee and cakes plus a buffet at lunch. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a fantastic day.

Have a look at what we got up to at Jericho in a Day last Saturday…

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About The ReUsers

The ReUsers is one of The Jericho Foundation’s eight social enterprises. For more information visit their webpage.

About The Jericho Foundation

We are a charity which breaks down barriers in society and supports disadvantaged people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed. We work with a broad variety of people including young people, ex-offenders, homeless people and survivors of modern slavery.

We provide work experience or paid employment in our social enterprises a holistic, tailored package of support, guidance and training. This help enables our clients to end their dependency on benefits, secure sustainable employment and become an inclusive and integrated part of their local community.


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Case Study – Duped By A False Promise

BH is a Hungarian man who was trafficked into the UK in November 2011. He was promised that he would be able to work in a factory, and would earn roughly £700 a month. BH has a close relationship with his family and saw it as an opportunity to pay back money that he owed to his sister. Together with another 2 men, he was taken to a property in England and instructed to sleep on the floor in the attic. They worked for long hours in a factory until suddenly they were told by the family that they were living with that they had to pack their bags and leave the property quickly. They stayed with the family and the three men had to share a box room, they felt as though they were being kept in a prison cell. They were only allowed access to the kitchen and bathroom once a day, and showers once a week.  They were barely given any food, and if they did not comply with instructions they were given no food so they had to resort to shop lifting to survive.

They tried to leave but because they couldn’t speak English their attempts to ask for help failed. BH felt mentally completely under the family’s control. He was eventually identified as a potential victim of trafficking at a homeless shelter after escaping and was linked in with support. However his language barriers and difficulties in navigating the British labour market meant that he struggled to find work. Unemployment made it difficult to recover from his experience because of continuing difficulties with benefits and the feeling of worthlessness that he experienced from not being able to earn money for himself.


BH was referred to Jericho by Hope for Justice in early 2016 and relocated to Birmingham from the North East to begin part time paid employment within our Landscape Social Enterprise in February. His English had already begun to improve through his experience in Britain and he was keen to develop this further. Although showing an interest to learn more through ESOL, we have struggled to encourage BH to attend these weekly lessons – he is more willing to improve through everyday conversation with colleagues. His desire to work is unquestionable and he has engaged well with other team members – he has just needed the right opportunity and to be in a supportive environment where he is able to learn to trust again. When BH moved to Birmingham he was found supported accommodation in a shared flat but as the weeks went on he grew in confidence and independence and no longer felt the need to receive this housing support. BH showed huge potential and readiness to progress into other work and as a support worker at Hope for Justice said, his life “has completely changed since being employed by Jericho”.

After 4 months supported employment at Jericho, BH was able to secure full time paid employment in Construction in another UK city and has now been given a 2 year contract.

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Balsall Heath’s New Pocket Park, Remodelled by Jericho Landscaping, now Open


One of the well-established Jericho social enterprises, Jericho Landscaping brings together skilled, qualified staff with many years of experience to provide great value landscaping and grounds maintenance services for companies, housing associations and domestic properties.

Members of various groups including the Balsall Heath Is Our Planet community initiative, the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Plan and local residents’ groups had worked together for years to protect an area at the centre of Balsall Heath. This area – where Moseley Road and Haden Way join together – had been identified as ripe for development as a potential town centre.

In order to facilitate this, a government grant was obtained by Balsall Heath Forum, which then contracted Jericho Landscaping to undertake the remodelling. Local architect Jo Holyoak was responsible for the design which includes trees, coloured paving, flowers, herbs in planters and seats.

Work has now finished on this new Pocket Park, which it is designed to provide a refuge from traffic for pedestrians, some seating and a meeting place that can easily be maintained and kept looking good.  It is also a step towards regenerating the centre of Balsall Heath.

The Park officially opened on Thursday 20th October. It was a very happy occasion, celebrated by 40 people from a variety of local stakeholder organisations.

Tony Kennedy, City Councillor for Sparkbrook ward said “I’m delighted to open the Pocket Park and I congratulate Balsall Heath Forum on the work that has gone into creating a new public space for the community. This is a perfect example of people stepping up to shape their own neighbourhood and I’m sure the Pocket Park will be enjoyed by the people of Balsall Heath for years to come.”

For more information you can visit

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Jericho Landscaping

If you would like more information or to talk to us about your requirements in detail, then please email us or call us:


Tel: 0121 647 1960

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