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Jericho Apprentice Winners At 2017 Star Apprenticeship Awards

The 2017 Star Apprenticeship Awards took place on Friday 10th March at The MacDonald Burlington Hotel.

Patrick Masih, Client Support Manager, and Carolyn Davies, Catering Manager joined our apprentices at the event. We are delighted to share that the Jericho Foundation had two winners!

Billy (above), one of our Jericho Catering apprentices, won the Hospitality Apprentice Award!

Oliver (below), won the overall Star Apprentice Award!

Here is some more information about Billy, from his Manager Carolyn:

“Billy was diagnosed as autistic as a child and when he left school he decided he would like to join the army as a chef. First Billy joined Jericho to get some training and experience. When he arrived Billy lacked any confidence and was extremely shy. He found it difficult to speak to anybody, staff or customers, often hiding in the washing up area so he wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.

After a few weeks Billy mustered the courage to begin serving customers. On one occasion, sadly, a customer wasn’t happy with what Billy had given her and got very upset and left. Billy again hid himself away.

I thought Billy wouldn’t come back again and was surprised to see him the following day. When our other apprentice went on leave Billy immediately stepped up and did his job and did it very well, I was so impressed!

This was just the start for Billy, he started serving customers and running his own section within the Bistro, and everyone said how efficient and helpful he was. Customers commented on how nice Billy’s food was. Not only were they impressed with Billy, he even trained another staff member to take over his section!

After a while Billy began to do one of our contracts – he did this with the same efficiency that he had run his section. Billy would tell me when he needed stock, organise himself and make sure that the contract was done well.
Towards the end of his apprenticeship Billy found out that the army wouldn’t take him because of his autism. He was very disappointed but he has picked himself up and is looking at alternatives.

I received a phone call from Billy’s assessor saying that he had put Billy’s name forward for an apprentice of the year award and that he had won!
I am so proud of Billy”.


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Galliford Try Deliver Top Class Heath & Safety Training Day to Support the Jericho Foundation

Galliford Try Training day 1 smaller
The Jericho Foundation enjoyed a truly valuable Health & Safety Training Day recently, delivered by FTSE 250 house-building and construction group Galliford Try.

“Challenging Beliefs Affecting Behaviours” was the theme for the day and the interactive course was delivered by two of Galliford’s senior Healthy & Safety managers, Richard Scott and Kerry-Anne Ellis. A total of 25 staff and apprentices who currently work for Jericho Construction were in attendance.

Jericho Construction is one of Birmingham-based Jericho Foundation’s eight social enterprises which provide training, work experience and employment to disadvantaged local people – many of whom are apprentices. Each social enterprise is committed to sustainability and delivering social value – fundamental values which Galliford Try also embraces.

Richard Scott said “Galliford Try’s vision is to be leaders in the construction of a sustainable future and our core values are excellence, passion, integrity and collaboration. We were delighted to deliver this useful training as part of a new partnership between Jericho and Galliford Try. We look forward to further assisting Jericho in their social mission, through the provision of targeted construction-related training and mentoring”.

Jericho Construction’s Business Manager Andy Jones said: “It was great to have the whole team together engaging in safety topics. Health & Safety training is not always at the top of a construction worker’s “to-do” list! However, we felt the effect of this practical training was felt almost immediately. It enhanced everybody’s understanding of Health & Safety and produced further improvement in the Health & Safety culture of the Construction Team.”

The Jericho Foundation breaks down barriers in society and supports disadvantaged people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed. We work with a broad variety of deprived people who are struggling – young people, ex-offenders, homeless people and victims of modern slavery. We provide work experience or paid employment in our environmentally-friendly social enterprises. Alongside this, we deliver a holistic package of support, guidance and training which is tailored to each client’s personal needs.

To find out more, please visit or

For further information on this press release contact Roger Bauckham, Development Director,, 0121 647 1960

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Jericho Foundation Social Enterprises Support Survivors of Human Trafficking

Client Support Team

Our Client Support Team

The Jericho Foundation, established in 1993, helps people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed. One of the disadvantaged groups we support is people who have been victims of modern slavery. Human trafficking appears to be on the increase and it is estimated that there were 13,000 victims in slavery in the UK in 2015. The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) provides these survivors with up to 45 days in a safe house. Their statistics show there were 3,266 individuals who were rescued and referred, a 40% increase from 2014 and 74% higher than 2013. In the West Midlands there was a 127% increase in NRM referrals from 2014 to 2015, making it the second highest location of potential victims. Fewer than 105 of those enslaved go to the police.

Jericho is currently the only organisation in Birmingham (and possibly the UK) with the experience, expertise and resources to deliver a programme of work experience, training and tailored support, to enable survivors of human trafficking to end their dependency on benefits, secure sustainable employment and become an inclusive and integrated part of their local community.

Survivors of human trafficking are generally capable hardworking individuals who have been duped, abused and exploited. Having been rescued and moved to a safe house is only the start of a journey for these survivors.  Men and women who have been trafficked face a number of barriers to becoming successful, productive members of society, including:

  • Inability to claim public benefits when their 45 days in a safe house ends
  • Inability to claim housing benefit
  • Ability to claim only 3 months’ job seekers allowance
  • Lack of skills or qualifications
  • Difficulty in finding paid, sustainable employment
  • Lack of language skills
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Mental health problems including post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety
  • Dearth of provision of work placement opportunities for disadvantaged groups

Each of these barriers tackled individually would be difficult enough to overcome, but taken together they appear insurmountable.  This results in survivors frequently becoming homeless, ending up destitute and living on the streets.

In turn, this leads to the possibility of them being re-trafficked and/or turning to a life of crime. Frequently a dependency on drugs or alcohol will follow.

However – there is another way. Members of the Jericho Foundation Client Support Team are able to work with these survivors to identify exactly the type of support that they need in order to recover, gain confidence and participate in an appropriate work placement (usually in one of our eight social enterprises). The Team and social enterprise Manager work together to provide a holistic package of on-the-job support, guidance and training to the survivor. When the placement is finished, and the survivor has gained the skills and abilities to return to work, the Jericho staff then help them to find a suitable permanent position – sometimes in one of our social enterprises, or with one of our partner organisations.

Having found paid employment, the survivor is also able to secure housing and continue their journey towards being a fulfilled member of society who can contribute to the UK culture and economy.

Read more about Survivor of Human Trafficking, M, who was our recent Social Enterprise Star of the Month.

If you would like more information or would like to support us in our endeavours, please visit this page.

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Opportunities for Social Investment in the Jericho Foundation – Don’t Miss Out

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationSocial Investment Tax Relief was introduced in 2014 to encourage people to support charities and social enterprises by helping them to access new sources of finance.

The finance provided will typically be in the form of share capital or unsecured loans repayable after three years. Since April 2014, any registered charity, community interest company or community benefit scheme with fewer than 500 employees and gross assets of no more than £15m can use SITR to raise funds for various projects from people with a social conscience. It was billed as the first scheme of its kind in the world to incentivise social investment through the personal tax system.

As a Birmingham-based registered charity, the Jericho Foundation provides a holistic package of personal development support to local people who are at the margins of society and who are experiencing significant personal and occupational barriers to employment. We deliver supported employment, qualifications, skills, work experience and apprenticeship programmes within our eight social enterprise businesses. These businesses trade in the commercial market place offering high quality, value for money goods and services to a broad range of customers in the private, public and third sectors.

Our Client Support Team comprises a group of skilled people who provide individual guidance, employability skills and mentoring to the people we support. This is essential to help those people to overcome their barriers and become fully skilled, fulfilled and ready for employment – obviously this is a cost that does not affect other, regular trading organisations.

Our social enterprise trading delivers the vast majority of the income that the charity requires (85% of our £3.2M turnover for the year ending March 2016). However, to augment this we have a constant need for working capital. We are always looking for social investors who can help provide this funding.

Individual investors who choose to support our charity by lending to us can enjoy significant tax benefits plus interest through the SITR scheme, sure in the knowledge that they will be helping disadvantaged people in Birmingham.

As an example of SITR, a UK tax payer who lends £10,000 to Jericho for 3 years can claim £3,000 back immediately in tax relief and then enjoy up to 4% interest every year for 3 years. Then, if they choose to donate the money to us, they could claim an extra tax rebate and we can claim gift aid, effectively giving Jericho an income of £12,500 for an investment of as little as £2,675.

To see our HMRC approval certificate, sample loan agreement and FAQ click here.

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Jericho Foundation May Star of the Month – Three Stars in our Catering Social Enterprise

Star of the Month - CateringThe Jericho Star of the Month prize for May was awarded jointly to three outstanding performers – Lee Taylor, Aaron Mason and Billy Campbell from our Catering social enterprise. At a recent breakfast event at the West Midland Fire Service bistro, all three lads came into work over an hour early and provided excellent waiter service, being polite and friendly and interacting with guests.

Their supervisor, Caz, received compliments from high ranking officers, with the Chief Fire Officer coming to the bistro to express his compliments on the way our staff had handled the event and his pleasure at how professional they had all been throughout. The teamwork continued afterwards when there was tidying and washing up to be done!

A special mention goes to Billy, who was rather quiet when he came to Jericho. Billy now runs the deli bar, interacting and mingling with customers with great confidence (he has even joined in WMFS running man challenge!).

Well done to all three, they are a credit to Jericho!

May 2016

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The Jericho Foundation is proud to announce we have been awarded the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility #bbc4sr


We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility.

The Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility is a set of guiding principles which Birmingham City Council has adopted. Its aim is to boost the local economy by maximising the social value the council obtains from its £1billion purchasing power by making that money work as hard as possible for the economic, social and environmental benefit of Birmingham’s citizens.

We hope that membership of BBC4SR will support the continuing growth and development of our eight valuable social enterprises, helping many more disadvantaged people into training, employment and a better life.

Based in South Birmingham, Jericho gives people a hand up, not a hand out. We provide paid employment together with support, guidance and training. We work with a wide range of disadvantaged people who are struggling – young people, ex-offenders, homeless people and victims of modern slavery. We help them to overcome their personal and work-based barriers while they learn on-the-job. Furthermore, when they are ready, we also provide support for them to find permanent employment elsewhere.

Read more about the Jericho Foundation here

contact Roger Bauckham on or 0121 647 1960.

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