Admin / Reception Apprentice

JOB TITLE:                                            Administration Apprentice


SALARY:                                               2.73 per hour – National Minimum Wage Apprentices


WORKING HOURS:                         30 Hours per week excluding breaks


RESPONSIBLE TO:                             Supervisor


EMPLOYED BY:                                  The Jericho Foundation


BASED AT:                                           196 – 198 Edward Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9LX




The primary role of the Apprentice is to work as an Administration Assistant undertaking duties that include:

  •  Distribute information internally and externally.
  • Reception role – meeting and greeting visitors.
  • Overseeing function rooms.
  • Overseeing internal and external post.
  • Clerical role
  • Public service – Faxing, Photocopying, Laminating and Emailing.
  • Housekeeping, including overseeing staff kitchen.
  • Maintaining office registers for clients, visitors, keys and function rooms.
  • Operate a Switchboard.
  • Use Microsoft office software.


The Apprentice will also be need to undertake other reasonable duties required by the Supervisor, Social Enterprise Manager, Executive Officer or other member of Jericho Core Staff on occasions when necessary. 


Application will need to be submission of a CV either by Email (to, quoting Ref: at the top of the page), post or hand delivered to Jericho Reception at:

196 – 198 Edward Road

Balsall Heath


B12 9LX





Capability/experience in one or more of the following areas is essential:


  1. Must be able to be committed to 12 months employment
  2. Ability to give full attendance and punctuality throughout the contract period
  3. Able to be fully committed to completing actions on a Personal Development Plan agreed with Jericho Foundation
  4. Ability to follow instructions
  5. Able to be totally flexible in the work role including travelling to and attending other Jericho locations if required and working 30 hours every week which may include some weekends
  6. Ability to maintain professional level of behaviour at all times including polite language, friendly and positive attitude to work colleagues, correct dress as required and wearing (at all times when required) the supplied Personal Protective Equipment
  7. Ability to undertake other reasonable duties required by the Supervisor, Social Enterprise Manager, Executive Officer or any other member of Jericho Core Staff on occasions when necessary
  8. Ability to maintain all requirements of NVQ work and other related elements of study and also to attend Day Release class sessions at other locations
  9. Show evidence of Literacy and/or Numeracy at Entry 3 level or higher (Certificates required) if previously achieved. If not, then functional Skills assessment will need to be undertaken
  10. Produce 2 x Personal/Professional references (e.g. Teacher, Prince’s Trust, Youth Club)
  11. Ability to adhere to all the elements of the Jericho Code of Conduct (see below)
  12. Must be aged 16 – 24, living currently in a Birmingham Post Code (evidence required) and not be in employment, education or training.




Capability/experience in one or more of the following areas is desirable but not essential:


  1. Previous relevant work experience
  2. Level 1 Literacy, Numeracy and/or Functional Skills. Certificate required
  3. Examples of previous commitment to work or project

Code of Conduct:


  • Complete the contracted number of hours of activity each week, for each working day; times/days to be arranged with work supervisor
  • Supervisor must be notified at least thirty minutes before start time of every day if unable to attend work
  • Excessive unauthorized time off may incur a disciplinary action
  • Lunch breaks may not last longer than the time allotted by the supervisor
  • Mobile phones may only be used during break periods and should not be carried during shift
  • All employees must sign in and out of the fire register when entering or leaving the building
  • Employees must not use offensive language
  • Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and may incur a disciplinary action
  • Employees must comply with all reasonable requests made by any Supervisors, Client Support team members or Department Managers at all times
  • Appropriate protective equipment must be used wherever necessary
  • ICT computer equipment must not be used to access illegal, banned or dangerous websites
  • Employees who have an Action Plan must undertake all activity agreed in the Plan
  • Smoking is only in the designated smoking space and at the permission of your supervisor
  • Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times.
  • Personal Protective Equipment will be issued at the start of contract  and is client responsibility to look after it

These rules are put in place to ensure a safe, comfortable and productive working environment exists at the Jericho Foundation.



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