Apprentice Story- Emma

A teenage mum with mounting debts, turbulent relationships and a history of drug and alcohol misuse looking to gain confidence and work towards a more positive future.

19 year old Emma* started a Customer Service Apprenticeship at Jericho ReUse in June 2013. Emma has a young son who was taken from her care due to alcohol and substance misuse during her pregnancy. Her child now resides with her ex-partner’s mother and she has occasional visitation access which is supervised and closely monitored. The lack of contact with her son has led Emma to develop depression and anxiety.

Emma has a difficult relationship with her family and lives on her own in a council rented flat close to her workplace. She was previously living with her Mother and Grandmother, who are both alcoholics, so their relationship broke down and Emma moved out.

Emma did not enjoy school and left achieving four qualifications mostly at grade E. She finds studying hard and struggles to focus on it for long periods of time.

Despite the complexities and setbacks she encountered in her personal life Emma completed the 12 month Apprenticeship achieving a number of qualifications. This gave her great confidence and she remarked: “I’m so proud of myself for the first time in my life. I can do anything when I put my mind to it.” 

*Name has been changed

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