Exciting Events Coming to Jericho Wood Shack

Christmas Comes Early to the Wood Shack

Jericho Wood Shack are holding two events on the run up to everyone’s favourite time of year! As well as opening their doors on a number of Saturdays throughout November and December, The Wood Shack staff are getting ready for the following:


– Saturday 10th November 2018

  • Demonstration: How to make a Herringbone Table Top
  • 10am – 3.30pm


– Saturday 24th November 2018

  • Christmas Shop @The Wood Shack
  • 11am – 4.30pm


This year is even more special as, for the first time ever, The Wood Shack will be a stall holder at the MAC Christmas Market! You can buy all sorts of great decorations and gifts direct from The Wood Shack! The details are as follows:


  • The MAC, Cannon Hill Park, B12 9QH
  • Saturday 1st December 2018
  • 11am – 5pm


The Wood Shack staff are looking forward to seeing you at one, or all, of these events! Come and see how your Christmas can be even more special and unique; your support is vital in helping Jericho support marginalised people become Fulfilled, Skilled and Employed.

The Wood Shack Events Calendar for Autumn/Winter 2018

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The J25 Challenge is here…

Help us to celebrate our J25 – 25 Years of Jericho!

Image: J25 Challenge

Did you know that Jericho is 25 Years old? Thinking back on how far the charity has come in that time, it has achieved an incredible amount! To celebrate our J25 milestone, Jericho are challenging our staff, volunteers and supporters to raise or donate £25 towards the vital support and opportunities that we provide.

So, what can you do to raise your £25? Well, you could donate to Jericho directly, or maybe take part in a sponsored event; there are a few ideas on our Fundraising page to inspire you, or if you are looking for a fundraising hero to follow, how about Imogen, our star fundraiser? Or how about her dad, Martin, who has run four marathons to raise funds for Jericho?


Why your support makes the difference

Whatever you do, you can be assured that your donation will be going to support the most marginalised people in Birmingham – from Survivors of Modern Slavery, to long-term Unemployed; Young people not in Education, Employment or Training, to ex-Offenders; people with Mild Mental Health issues, to Homeless people.

Through working in one of our eight Social Enterprises, these individuals will be able to earn a vocational qualification, while also receiving on-the-job mentoring and holistic psychosocial support. Jericho are able to provide Information, Advice and Guidance, while also signposting to specialist support agencies for issues such as substance dependencies.


How you can help

Picture: Runners in the Birmingham 10K Run

Could this be you, running for Jericho?

So go for it! We would love to hear, see, chat about, like, share and give a shout out about what you are doing to help Jericho! You can use the #Jericho25 hastag, to let us know on social media, or email us with any links you would like us to feature!

We would love to also hear from you about what Jericho may have done for you in the last 25 years, whether you have been supported by us, or are a previous or current customer.

If you would also like to volunteer your time and skills, we would welcome you to contact us to discuss; we love our volunteers and are always interested in hearing from you!

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Central England Concert Band Needs your Vote to raise Funds for Jericho

One of Jericho’s Founders Organises Concert

David Harmer, one of the Founders of The Jericho Foundation is a man of many talents! As a member of the Central England Concert Band, David is organising a concert to raise funds for Jericho – its mission is to support marginalised people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed.

Image: Central England Concert Band

The Central England Concert Band in full flow!

David has created a project for the latest round of the Aviva Community Fund, to allow the costs to be covered, rather than coming from the ticket sales. You can read more about the concert, and what CECB hope to achieve, in terms of supporting Jericho. A simple and quick registration, and you will be able to give your support to the project by using your 10 votes!

Philip Gay, Income Generation Manager for Jericho, says, “It was wonderful to be approached by David, one of the founding members of Jericho; when I heard about his idea, I was thrilled to be able to wholeheartedly support it. I am looking forward to the actual concert, and hope that David and the rest of the Band will win!”

Continuing, Gay highlighted some of the work that Jericho undertakes:

“The needs of the people we support vary greatly; some will need more care and guidance than others. Everyone is treated the same – as an individual with worth and potential, and Jericho won’t stop until every marginalised person is fulfilled, skilled and employed. We work with Survivors of Modern Slavery, some of whom have endured true horrors, as well as long-term unemployed, people with substance misuse issues, ex-Offenders, and others.”

If you would like to donate to Jericho, then you can take part in our J25 Challenge, where we are challenging our staff, volunteers and supporters to each raise or donate £25. You can get some ideas here, or simply text JERI10 to 70070, and you can make a difference today.

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Anti-Slavery Day – Bringing Hope to Survivors of Modern Slavery

More still needs to be done, says Jericho

Today, 18th October, marks World Anti-Slavery Day. According to the latest estimates from the Global Slavery Index, the UK has over 136,000 victims of Modern Slavery; Birmingham has the highest levels of modern Slavery outside London.

Jericho is proud to be a member of the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network, which brings together statutory agencies such as West Midlands Police and local councils, alongside charities and other agencies, to tackle this heinous crime.

Equiano is a bespoke project that enables Survivors of Modern Slavery to work or volunteer in Jericho’s Social Enterprises, at a pace they are comfortable with. They concurrently receive holistic support and signposting to specialist services from our People Support Team, to further enable their reintegration into society.

Project Manager, Louise Gore, said, “As we mark Anti-Slavery Day, I am reminded that we can all play our part in the fight against Modern Slavery. Here at Jericho, the employment and support that we offer Survivors through our Equiano project, helps to restore and rebuild lives, breaking the cycle of exploitation.”

Gore continues, “We also work closely with a number of other agencies; through the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network, and partners such as Adavu, and the Sophie Hayes Foundation, who both share our office space. We also have an ongoing partnership with Hope for Justice, which has proven invaluable in supporting these Survivors. We are looking forward to more stories of people finding freedom through the support we give.”

As one of our supported Survivors says,

“I have worked in the UK before, but never have been paid. Now I have paid holiday; I feel like a king!”

To find out more about Modern Slavery, and how Jericho supports them, you can read more here.

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Superstar Fundraiser achieves £30 for Jericho

Superhero Imogen, 7 Years Old, sells loom bands to raise vital funds

The Jericho Foundation had a very special visitor recently, as Superhero and Batgirl’s Superstar Assistant, Imogen, came to our Head Office with the £30 that she raised to support Survivors of Modern Slavery (SoMS).

Image: Superhero Assistant, Imogen, presented with a thankyou certificate by Richard Beard, Chief Executive of The Jericho Foundation, on behalf of Batgirl

Imogen receiving her certificate from Jericho Chief Executive, Richard Beard

Imogen raised the money through selling her handmade loom bands to friends, family and anyone else who wanted this ‘must-have’ accessory!

After bringing the funds to Jericho, Chief Executive, Richard Beard, presented Imogen with a certificate ‘on behalf of Batgirl’, thanking her for her amazing fundraising efforts.

Beard said, “What a fantastic achievement by Imogen! Her amazing efforts are helping people to be supported by our Equiano Project; people who have gone through considerable trauma and need high levels of support.”

Equiano is a bespoke project that enables Survivors of Modern Slavery to work or volunteer in Jericho’s Social Enterprises, at a pace they are comfortable with; they concurrently receive holistic support and signposting to specialist services from our People Support Team, to further enable their reintegration into society.

Talking about the latest estimates from the Global Slavery Index, Beard continued:

“The level of Modern Slavery in the UK, and in particular, Birmingham and the West Midlands, means that Equiano is becoming more and more of a priority. We are proud to be members of the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network, which brings together statutory agencies such as West Midlands Police and local councils, alongside charities and other agencies, to tackle this heinous crime.”

Fundraising must run in the family, as Imogen’s dad, Martin, has also raised funds for Jericho. Having recently completed not one, but TWO Marathons in the space of a few weeks, Martin has raised over £700 to support SoMS through Jericho’s Equiano project.

As Batgirl says, Imogen is a real Superhero… and we agree!


Well done, Imogen (and Martin)!


If you want to be a superhero fundraiser like Imogen and Martin, we would love to hear from you; but don’t worry – you don’t have to run a marathon! Others have raised funds in many ways, including selling homemade cakes (always a winner!). Your support, however large or small, will definitely make a difference in the lives of many marginalised people. If you have an idea, or want to get on board with an event, then please do contact us!

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Jericho Foundation secures £100k SITR investment

Birmingham’s leading Social Enterprise is the first investment from the £1.25m Resonance West Midlands SITR Fund

The Jericho Foundation has secured £100,000 of SITR investment through Resonance, which will support the expansion of Jericho’s ReUsers centre in Sutton Coldfield.

The objective of Resonance is to work with social enterprises that demonstrate ‘high impact’ and lasting transformational change, connecting them with investors who care about the same issues.

The investment has allowed Jericho to secure a third building at the existing site, to allow for an operational expansion of 25% over a 12 month period. The investment also provides the opportunity to create 6 new positions for Apprentices and additional volunteers, and allow Jericho to support individuals with significant barriers to employment, training or social inclusion.

Highlighting the social impact of Jericho in providing marginalised individuals with employment opportunities, Grace England, Investment Manager at Resonance said:

“I am delighted that Jericho is receiving the first investment from our new regional SITR Fund. It has been leading the way in supporting vulnerable people here in Birmingham for many years now, and we’re really excited to support it to do more of what it does best. Jericho’s social mission is aligned with that of the Fund, as we know that barriers to training and employment continue to be significant contributors to the poverty and disadvantage that persists in our region.”

Richard Beard, Chief Executive of the Jericho Foundation, stated:

“This is our second experience of SITR investment and both times it has given us access to vital funding that can be paid back at a much smaller rate of interest than we have been able to access previously,” explained Richard, who has been at Jericho Foundation for fourteen years.

Beard continued: “The investment from the Resonance Fund will increase our footprint at ReUsers by 25%. This means we should be able to grow the business and build on the fact that we have so far saved 650 tonnes of unwanted items going to landfill and supported 70 people with apprenticeships or voluntary positions – this simply would not be possible without SITR.”

“It represents a significant growth in our impact and it’s great to work with investors that are so aligned with our social mission.”

Given the limited knowledge of SITR and its possibilities among investors, Big Society Capital has launched a campaign which is meant to raise awareness of what it is and how to access it.

Melanie Mills of Social Sector Engagement at Big Society Capital says:

“SITR is really an undiscovered opportunity for the third sector and the aim of our campaign is to get people talking about it and then starting to use it as the most cost effective way of raising finance. It is proving increasingly popular with high net worth individuals and sophisticated retail investors, who are attracted to the significant tax break and a number of other advantages around Capital Gains Tax.”

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Running over 52 miles to support Survivors of Modern Slavery

This year, Martin Gore ran two marathons, totalling over 52 miles, in order to raise money to support Jericho’s work with Survivors of Modern Slavery.

Martin is a regular fundraiser for Jericho, having previously completed a number of charity runs. These include the Nine Edges Endurance in the Peak District, and the Robin Hood Marathon in Nottingham.

About the Events

Martin finishing the Salomon Trial Marathon

Martin finishing the Salomon Trial Marathon


The Salomon Trail Marathon

Back in June Martin successfully completed the Salomon Trail Marathon.

The unique marathon took place off-road in the Coed y Brenin forest in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park

Martin finished in an impressive 15th place with a time of 3 hours, 47 minutes and 5 seconds.


The Purbeck Marathon

Martin’s next challenge took place on 16th September where he tackled the Purbeck Marathon. This takes place in Swanage, Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast.

The off-road course included over 3,000 ft. of climbs, and was also closer to 27 miles than the usual marathon distance of 26.2.

Martin did it in around four hours, and came in 13th place – an excellent result!

You can visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to see how he got on.


About The Equiano Project

Martin is running to raise money for the Jericho Foundation who support Survivors of Modern Slavery.

New figures estimate that over 136,000 individuals are currently in Modern Slavery in the UK. This is over ten times more than any previous estimates and shows the desperate need to support these victims trapped in slavery. Birmingham and the West Midlands, where Jericho is based, has the highest concentration of Survivors, outside of London.

The Equiano project provides employment opportunities for Survivors of Modern Slavery in one of Jericho’s social enterprises combined with a package of wrap around support.

The project supported 32 Survivors during the 2017/18 Financial Year with wide range of issues such as housing, debt, mental health and, in partnership with Hope for Justice, legal advice.

How to Support Equiano

  • To sponsor Martin please visit his dedicated Just Giving page
  • Or you can can donate directly to Jericho here

If you are interested in raising money for Jericho, please visit our dedicated fundraising page.

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New Figures Show a Dramatic Rise in UK Modern Slavery Estimates


Modern Slavery: a hidden crime

Today (30th July) is the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons; an estimated 40.3 million people are living in modern slavery worldwide, with the number in the UK previously estimated at 10,000-13,000. It has been commonly thought that numbers may well be much higher than this, and the recent revised UK estimates from the Global Slavery Index puts the level of UK Modern Slavery at a staggering 136,000 – over ten times its previous estimate.

These statistics, alongside further figures from UK Statutory bodies, highlight the hidden nature and size of this crime; even those who have been fortunate enough to be rescued and given initial support can often face homelessness, destitution and the long-lasting effects of trauma.

Louise Gore, Equiano Project Manager for Jericho, said:

“I was shocked to read the recent revised statistics from the Global Slavery Index. It is now estimated that 136,000 people are living in slavery in the UK; this is ten times any previous estimate, and shows the desperate need to support these victims trapped in slavery.

The stories of individuals we work with of surviving slavery, only to end up homeless and destitute, combined with the long term effects of trauma, show just how critical long-term support for these Survivors is.”

Gore continues, explaining the reasoning and continued need for Jericho’s Equiano Project:

“Nobody should have experienced what they have gone through, escape, but then return to destitution, or even re-exploitation. Over the last four years supporting Survivors, I have learnt that there is no quick fix.

I have seen the help we offer at Jericho go a long way toward providing the stability, safety and security that these Survivors need; but it has also highlighted the deep impact that slavery and trauma can have on an individual, and the huge variety of ways that this can be presented.

I want our experience and learning to continually be informing the work that we do. It’s challenging to see the vulnerabilities of so many of our Survivors, yet hugely rewarding to see lives of men and women gradually being transformed, step-by-step, and for them to see hope for a brighter future becoming a reality.”


The Equiano Project

The Jericho Foundation are proud to be supporting Survivors of Modern Slavery, post-rescue, through our Equiano project; providing work placement opportunities, combined with holistic wraparound care, and access to secure accommodation and additional support.

You can read more about the findings of the Global Slavery Index 2018 and Jericho’s Equiano Project; please consider supporting Jericho in delivering this vital project to Survivors of Modern Slavery by donating here.

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“Wild Wednesdays” with the Jericho “Mud Kitchen” at Balsall Common Primary Academy

Children at Balsall Common Primary Academy were delighted to be able to play with their favourite “Mud Kitchen” made from Recycled wood from the Jericho charity as part of their regular “Wild Wednesdays” outside playtime.

Teachers and staff at Balsall Common believe in giving the children the very best they can, not just in terms of Education, but in lots of other ways as well, and that includes playing outside – (well on “Wild Wednesdays” at least) – getting stuck in, muddy and dirty and what better than a purpose-built Mud Kitchen to help then to have fun and learn at the same time?

Howard Rose, Director of Funding & Publicity at the school, commented that, “We knew we wanted something for the children to play outside with as part of their Wild Wednesday session and when the opportunity came up to purchase a mud kitchen from Jericho Word Recycling, we wanted to take full advantage.”
He added, “As a school, we work with lots of local business, as well as charities, and we were fortunate to receive some funding from Tesco that enabled us to buy the Mud Kitchen from Jericho. As a school, our ethos is to encourage recycling, sustainability and the preservation of valuable resources, so it’s good to know that the kitchen is made of reclaimed materials and contributes to the Jericho mission of supporting people, old and young, who have not had the best start in life – Jericho helps to encourage, support and motivate people so that they can gain skills and work.”

By buying from charities like Jericho and, with support from businesses like Tesco, there are also lessons to be learnt by the older children, that resources CAN be reused again and again and that act of design and production also contributes to the mission of local charities who support and help others.

Roger Bauckham from Jericho said, “It’s really encouraging to see some of our products used for the education of children and we hope that other schools will take advantage of this opportunity to show kids what can be done when recycling and creativity contribute to the mission of a charity.”

So, there we have it – practical education, fresh air and fun for kids, partnership with local business and support for charities all rolled into one – what could be better?

Jericho Foundation is a Birmingham based charity whose mission is to support people to become Fulfilled, Skilled and Employed – Jericho generates the vast majority of its income from its Social Enterprises of which Jericho Wood Recycling – makers of the “Mud Kitchen” is one.

For more details: – contact Jericho Wood Recycling on 0121 327 6102
Or visit the web site at www.jericho.org.uk

Balsall Common Primary Academy is located in Balsall Street East,

Balsall Common, CV7 7FS.
Howard Rose can be contacted at Balsall Common Primary Academy at the above address, or as below:

t: +44 (0) 1676 532254 ext 264
m: +44 (0) 7989 515252
e: s2hrose@balsall-common.solihull.sch.uk
w: www.balsallcommonprimary.co.uk

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16-mile sponsored cycle in support of the Jericho Foundation

Michael Colin, one of the staff at The ReUsers is arranging a sponsored cycle ride to raise money to support the mission of the Jericho charity. Michael would love you to join in either as a participant or a supporter.


About the Event

The event is taking place on Monday 13th August at 12pm.

The route will stretch from Kingstanding Wellbeing Centre to Balsall Heath and back. It will pass through Brookvale Park, along the River Rea canal, past the Custard factory in Digbeth and into Calthorpe park.

Then it’s onward to the Jericho Head Office on Edward Rd in Balsall Heath. Here Richard Beard, Jericho CEO, will greet you for photos and refreshing drinks. It is a good opportunity to hear a little bit about the charity before heading back along the route.

The route is 16 miles, mainly alongside the River Rea canal (with about 15-20 minutes on the road). It can be done at the pace you choose so if it’s just a relaxed cycle run you are looking for, then this will be just the job. Of course you can always cycle a little faster if the mood takes you!


Cycle Hire

If you were worried about having a suitable bike to use, then the good news is that, if you have a Birmingham Leisure Card, then you can hire one for FREE from the starting point at Kingstanding! Just take your leisure card, proof of address and sign a one-day hire contract at Birmingham Cycle Revolution and they will arrange a one-day loan of a bike, free of charge.


About The Jericho Foundation

The Jericho Foundation seeks out and engages people who experience significant barriers to being fulfilled, skilled and employed. We aim to help them overcome these barriers and gain relevant vocational skills to secure sustainable employment. We do this through providing real work experience in one of our social enterprise businesses combined with an individually tailored package of mentoring, personal development support and training.

The people we work with often experience a broad range of barriers. These include: long-term unemployment, lack of skills or qualifications, alcohol or substance misuse, a criminal record, low confidence, mild mental health problems or no history of work experience.

Our eight social enterprises provide safe learning environments for our clients while offering high quality, value for money goods and services to the local community on a commercial basis. They operate in the following areas: construction, landscaping and grounds maintenance, catering, cleaning, recycling, ReUse and co working/business incubation space.


Ways to Support the Event

  • Join in with this sponsored ride
  • Ask your friends and family to sponsor you or one of the other riders
  • Donate to the mission of Jericho

To arrange sponsorship or support one of the riders, please contact Michael Colin


Further Information

  • Find out more about the Birmingham Leisure card here
  • Find out about Birmingham Big Bikes here
  • A Facebook page for this event can be found here

Thank You!

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