Modern Slavery Survivor Story- Artem

In 2009 Artem*, a 56 year old Hungarian, was working as a builder and bus driver. The recession left him unemployed, homeless, and supporting his elderly mother.

Duped by false promises he came to the UK.

He was forced to live in a small house with 25 men, working 70 hours per week for £10. He escaped, living in disused garages but was re-trafficked twice and was too afraid to leave for fear of becoming homeless again.

Artem was found by police after a failed suicide attempt. He was identified as a victim of Human Trafficking and moved to safe accommodation in Birmingham in 2014.

With supported hostel accommodation in place, Artem initially volunteered at Jericho before progressing into paid employment. In this environment he began to feel safer, reporting the details of his trafficking to police who have been carrying out investigations.

His confidence developed, he engaged in English lessons and was an exceptionally hard worker. We were thrilled to later offer him full time permanent employment where he became a highly valued member of the staff team. He said: “This is heaven. Step by step I now have a new life”

*Name has been changed

Supporting Survivors of Modern Slavery

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