A New Season at Jericho Foundation

Since being founded as a simple drop-in centre for local residents of Balsall Heath back in 1987, we are incredibly proud to have seen Jericho evolve to the organisation it is today. Whilst keeping our original social mission firmly at our heart, we’ve grown to be an organisation providing employment to 70 core staff and supported employment to over 200 individuals with multiple barriers to employment per year – ranging from ex-offenders to survivors of modern slavery – across 8 social enterprises.  In addition we support around 1600 people per year through a network of 17 volunteer run Ignition job clubs and 96% of those taking part in our programmes report improved confidence.

From the beginning we have seen changes and challenges, which we’ve continually responded to in a way that has ensured we’ve become more resilient for the future. We are now embarking on a new period of such change, and a new chapter for the Jericho Foundation.

This new chapter is one in which Jericho has made the strategic decision to ‘do less’, in order to ‘do more’. This will involve Jericho focusing its resources and management capacity on the elements of the organisation that deliver greatest impact, as well being most sustainable and scalable in the long-run. We are confident that this will mean a stronger and even brighter future for Jericho and the people that we support, as it will mean we can focus on doing more of what we do best.

This new chapter is, however, tinged with sadness for Jericho as, in order to focus more on these areas, it means drawing a close to some of the social enterprises which Jericho currently operates. Specifically, from April 2019, Jericho will no longer be operating its catering, or paper recycling businesses, and from June 2019 our grounds maintenance service will cease, albeit we will continue to provide hard and soft landscaping services via Jericho Construction. 

We are working with a range of other social enterprises in the area who will be taking some of these business opportunities forwards – for example, Jericho has joined forces with award winning social enterprise ChangeKitchen CIC, which we hope will continue to deliver mission-led catering services to Jericho’s long-standing catering customers across Birmingham. We are also partnering with Right Lets Shred, a secure paper shredding company who employ individuals with autism.  This does however mean that Jericho will regretfully need to say goodbye to some of our valued customers and team members over the coming months.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all the great staff that have worked for Jericho in these social enterprises over the years as well as our fantastic customers for supporting us along our journey. We would also like to thank those in our finance, fundraising and client support teams who have been affected by this restructure.  Every one of you has made a significant difference to our local community and to Jericho.

We look forward to sharing the on-going successes of our remaining social enterprises which continue to grow from strength to strength – from our Miracle Laundry and Cleaning Services, to the Reusers store in Sutton, which will now also be home to Jericho’s relocated Wood Shack, selling reclaimed timber and recycled wood products. Jericho Construction will also continue to operate as a separate entity in order to enable its growth over the coming years, which we hope will enable us to provide many more life-changing opportunities for people that need a second chance across Birmingham.

It’s often sad when any business has to restructure, particularly a social enterprise, and Jericho is no different. But we see this as another opportunity to make Jericho stronger, and improve the quality and longevity of support for people with continued barriers to realising their full potential, and to become an even greater force for good in the community we serve.

We thank you all for your continued support and looking forward to continuing working with you in coming months.

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