As Contract Hygiene Market Grows, Jericho Continues to Develop Cleaning Social Enterprise

20089104358_96e64a3044_kFollowing a recent analysis of 70 top cleaning contractors by MTW Research, the contract hygiene market is expected to experience a solid £100m growth in 2016.

This is no surprise to Nigel Lawrence, new recruit to the Jericho Foundation. Nigel brings a wealth of experience as the owner of a branch of one of the UK’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchises.

Nigel says “I was aware of the far-reaching work of the Jericho Foundation and am thrilled to become a part of the team. I’m looking forward to helping the organisation to flourish, and to use my personal expertise to grow the valuable Jericho Cleaning social enterprise”.

Jericho Cleaning provides a range of contract hygiene services to local businesses, schools, voluntary organisations, churches and community groups.

Staff are flexible, professional and highly-trained in the latest techniques, procedures and health and safety requirements.

This social enterprise fulfils all cleaning services in an environmentally friendly manner, using high-quality, COSHH regulated products. We can also supply these at competitive rates.

The range of services provided includes:

  • Contract cleaning services for businesses and offices
  • Cleaning for schools, social clubs and pubs
  • Cleaning for churches and faith-based organisations
  • Short term contract cleaning services for construction sites
  • Cleaning services for social housing organisations
  • One-off deep cleans

Read more about Jericho Cleaning here.

Based in South Birmingham, Jericho gives people a hand up, not a hand out. We provide paid employment together with support, guidance and training. We work with a wide range of disadvantaged people who are struggling – young people, ex-offenders, homeless people and victims of modern slavery. We help them to overcome their personal and work-based barriers while they learn on-the-job. Furthermore, when they are ready, we also provide support for them to find permanent employment elsewhere.

For more details, please contact Nigel on or 0121 647 1960.


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