First Aid Training – Learning to be a Life-Saver

There are a wide variety of campaigns and initiatives being launched through the UK, to raise awareness of the importance of basic First Aid Training. Whether you are just starting your career, work in a large company, are a mother who primarily stays at home with your children, or a person who takes care of elderly relatives, you might find yourself in a situation where you can literally save a life.

Accordingly, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, where an individual is hurt or wounded, having a knowledge of basic life-saving skills can be invaluable. Some simple First Aid training can help you to feel much more confident in respect of dealing with such a crisis. In addition, it is universally acknowledged that the early application of First Aid greatly increases survival rates.

Furthermore, here are 5 First Aid Hints & Tips:

  1. Direct pressure stops bleeding
  2. Anyone can utilise a defibrillator – they are often found in public places and are fully automated
  3. Nosebleeds – pinch the soft part of the nose and lean forwards not back!
  4. Cold running water for burns
  5. Continuous chest compression till medical help arrives

The Jericho Foundation delivers high quality first aid training at our Head Office in Balsall Heath throughout the year.

For further details visit the website.

To book your place, please email us at  or call us on 0121 647 1960.

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