Jericho Foundation Woodshack Creates New Secure, Substantial Guinea Pig Hutch for Snuffles and Popcorn!

Jericho Wood Recycling reclaims, reuses and recycles wood to provide high quality timber, wooden furniture and firewood. As one of The Jericho Foundation Social Enterprises, we accomplish this while providing opportunities for apprenticeships, volunteering and training in the local community.

At the Wood Shack we’re always thinking of more items that can be created with recycled wood. So far, we have made compost bins, bat boxes, garden furniture, vinyl storage boxes, wooden block planters, candle holders, desk tidies, noticeboards and bespoke mud kitchens.

Our latest mission was to provide a customer, Jeremy, with a new kind of hut for his pets. He was looking for something less flimsy and harder to escape from than similar pet homes on the high street!

Jeremy was thrilled with what we created and sent us this message:

“We were delighted when the Jericho Wood Shack took on the challenge of creating a new product: a guinea pig hutch.  The hutch they created for us is amazing – so much more substantial and secure than those we’d seen in pet shops or online and very good value too.  A great product from helpful and talented staff and our recently arrived guinea pigs, Snuffles and Popcorn, are extremely happy in their new home.  Thank you very much Jericho Wood Shack.”

The Jericho Foundation is a charity which breaks down barriers in society and supports disadvantaged people to become Fulfilled, Skilled and Employed. Jericho works with a broad variety of deprived people who are struggling including young people, ex-offenders, homeless people and Survivors of Modern Slavery. They provide work experience or paid employment in their eco-friendly Social Enterprises. Alongside this, Jericho deliver a holistic package of support, guidance and training which is tailored to each client’s personal needs. This help enables the clients to end their dependency on benefits, secure sustainable employment and become an inclusive and integrated part of their local community.

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