Jericho Social Media Day – #jerichoinaday – Wednesday 5th April 2017

On Wednesday 5th April we will be holding the first fun, inclusive, interactive Jericho social media day #jerichoinaday!

#jerichoinaday aims to showcase the moments, big and small, that make up the everyday life of Jericho – from meetings at head office, to recycling pick-ups … to what goes on in the kitchen at catering, or activities at our Sutton Coldfield ReUsers shop.

We want to spotlight the spirit of Jericho and the impact that we are making through pictures, videos and messages across our social media platforms, throughout the day. Each Jericho Social Enterprise will have a #jerichoinaday ambassador who will provide a fun and intimate look into what really goes on!

From 8am – 5pm and all staff, managers, apprentices, customers and friends are encouraged to get involved and contribute using hashtag #jerichoinaday!

#jerichoinaday #birmingham #charity #socent #socialmedia

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