Movement for Good Award

We are delighted to have been awarded a £50,000 Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Award. A massive thank you to everyone who supported us in the online vote.

How the £50,000 grant will help

Modern slavery is a widespread greed-driven crime, robbing dignity, freedom and hope. The Global Slavery Index estimates 136,000 people are in slavery in the UK today and rescue is the beginning of a long journey of recovery.  Developing our work with Survivors of Modern Slavery (SOMS) is central to our five-year business plan. We are experts in the field and we want to respond to the growing need for longer term, sustained support.

The key focus of our existing working with SOMS offers legitimate work in a therapeutic environment as a conduit for a safer, independent future.  We know there is a need for a pre-supported employment programme, which helps build education and skills for younger/more vulnerable SOMS who are further away from employability. The grant from Ecclesiastical will play a critical role in taking our work to the next level.

What is Modern Slavery?

For more information on Modern Slavery and how our project helps survivors visit our Equiano Project page.

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