Students from the Netherlands visit the Jericho Foundation

It was great to welcome students from Friesland College, Stenden University and NHL Hogeschool in the Netherlands as they visited The Jericho Foundation in Birmingham on Thursday 27th April.

The visit was part of their Studies researching into Social Enterprise in the UK. Richard Beard, Chief Executive, gave a talk about Jericho, the eight Social Enterprises that we run and the important Social Value they provide.

Many thanks to our friend Duncan Chamberlain from Bridging to the Future for arranging the visit.

The Jericho Foundation is a charity which breaks down barriers in society and supports disadvantaged people to become Fulfilled, Skilled and Employed. Jericho works with a broad variety of deprived people who are struggling including young people, ex-offenders, homeless people and Survivors of Modern Slavery. They provide work experience or paid employment in their eco-friendly Social Enterprises. Alongside this, Jericho deliver a holistic package of support, guidance and training which is tailored to each client’s personal needs. This help enables the clients to end their dependency on benefits, secure sustainable employment and become an inclusive and integrated part of their local community.

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