Case Study – Angry Young Man

Powerfully-built, confrontational and possessing a tendency towards violence to resolve disagreements. Joshua admitted that he had a short fuse and his frustrations often manifested in acts of physical violence.

Joshua joined Jericho as an apprentice administrator just before he turned 18. Joshua had had a challenging childhood. Joshua lost a brother at a young age. His father left the family home when Joshua was at primary school and his mother subsequently remarried. Joshua struggled to get on with both his father and step-father, which caused conflict in the home and resulted in Joshua living with his maternal grandparents.

Joshua also had school exclusions due to behavioural issues and left school with no qualifications.

He did manage to achieve a few qualifications with training providers, including an NVQ level 1 in Business Administration. He tried a couple of areas of work, but found it hard to get on with others and hold down a position.

Joshua was also a young offender, had been engaged by the probation service and youth offending system, and was on curfew with a tag.

As Joshua started his apprenticeship and experienced difficulties, the Jericho People Support Team provided him with support tailored to his particular needs. In particular they advised on strategies to help him keep calm and think of non-violent ways to resolve differences with other members of staff.

Sometimes it looked as if Joshua would not complete the programme as he had difficulty with taking instructions and was negative about the academic side of the apprenticeship. Joshua’s relationship with his tutor was poor and he resisted completing assignments. The People Support Team sat with Joshua and encouraged him to complete his tasks – when he put his mind to it, Joshua produced a high standard of written work, surprising his tutor.

Joshua had some issues during the programme, including the death of his grandfather, which did effect his mood and disposition. However, the People Support Team offered sympathy and flexibility and gave Joshua the opportunity to talk through his feelings of loss.

Towards the end of the apprenticeship, Joshua’s motivation did falter and he also found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

Joshua overcame his personal resistance to studying and considerable personal problems to achieve a NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and Level 1 Functional Skills in Maths, English and IT.

As Joshua’s major passions were cars and driving, the People Support Team encouraged him to find a role where he could combine aspects of his hobby with work.

Joshua is now contentedly working as a delivery driver for a pizza franchise, is living with his girlfriend and has a baby daughter.

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