Apprentice Case Study – Getting Back On Track

H’s mum originally contacted Jericho to ask for help following a continuous deterioration in their relationship and his increasingly volatile behaviour.


H is a 17 year old with ADHD who lives in a suburb of Birmingham with a supportive family and a decent secondary school education. He has been in trouble with the Police for possession of a class C drug and also a motoring offence. Although he gained some qualifications in plumbing and worked as a plumber’s assistant for 10 months he has done nothing since. His mum was worried about his drug use and the negative effect it was having on his behaviour and the lack of motivation to do something constructive with his life.


The work trial proved to be a breeze with H demonstrating a good attitude and aptitude for the work in the ReUsers business. He was consequently offered a 12 month apprenticeship.

A few weeks into the programme however H’s punctuality began to waiver and he also failed to make contact with us when he wasn’t able to attend work. His line manager gave him a grace period to rectify this, but when the problem persisted he was given a formal notice to improve. We discovered that H’s home life continued to be turbulent and that he was still prone to angry outbursts. He also explained that he had stopped taking his prescribed medication for his ADHD because he felt it wasn’t working.

His Jericho mentor encouraged H to meet with his doctor and discuss his medication. Subsequently H met with a private consultant and received a new prescription which seemed to be more effective. H was initially quite open to talking about his home life and felt that coming to work was a really positive experience for him and helped him to get a better perspective on life and an appreciation of the support from his family and colleagues.

Our soft skills assessment showed that H’s confidence, self esteem and motivation levels continued to improve whilst anxiety levels fell. His home life was improving and he enjoyed being at work with his attendance at 93%.

Things took a turn for the worse mid-way through the apprenticeship. H’s behaviour at home became more aggressive and his mother was concerned that things were getting out of control. The People Support Manager made special appointments, beyond the routine monthly visits, to try and explore what was causing the upset in the family. H was reluctant to divulge too much and was prone to outbursts during these sessions and was reluctant to take any responsibility for his actions and placing all the blame firmly at his parents’ feet. He was encouraged to try and see things from other perspectives, but was adamant that he was entirely right and others were entirely wrong.

Things came to a head when he had a physical altercation with his father. The Police arrested him and a court appearance followed. He moved into a friend’s home temporarily. The People Support Manager met with H to offer support in finding accommodation and to attend court with him.

H explained that he was communicating with his parents, that his mum was in touch and was going to court with him. The court’s decision was relatively favourable and H was admonished and made to pay a fine. His parents continued to be supportive and invited him back into the family home.

In subsequent meetings with the People Support Team H was talkative and remorseful. He acknowledged that he was responsible for his own conduct and appreciative of the need to give and take in his relationship with his family. We also discussed how much his parents loved him and he them. He was determined that things would change – the whole episode had given him a new appreciation for his parents and his home. He also acknowledged the support he had received from his colleagues and mentors at Jericho and is determined to complete his apprenticeship with a flourish.

Update: H did successfully complete his apprenticeship and has been retained as a full time staff member on a temporary contract.

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