Building confidence

Jade* is 18 years old; she originally came to Jericho to undertake a Retail apprenticeship within the Charity Shop at the Jericho Foundation headquarters. Jade was very shy and lacked confidence, especially within a work environment or when around authority figures she even came to her interview with her father. Jade admits that she lacks motivation and commitment to achieve and feels that she needs to be constantly pushed and encouraged. Jade does not have the family support around her which she feels she needs and that she has to stand on her own two feet. Jade was regularly bored in school and has had poor careers advice.

It has now been over 6 months since Jade started at Jericho and her confidence has definitely grown. The support and encouragement provided by the client support team has helped her gain some self belief and she is well motivated and working well towards her NVQ . When the opportunity to work at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens arose , Jade felt that this would be an excellent time to gain some new experience. She subsequently entered a competitive recruitment process involving three other candidates and completed a week’s trial there. She was delighted to be offered a position within the retail team and she swiftly accepted. Jade will complete the rest of her apprenticeship on the outplacement and will continue to receive support from Jericho.

Jade has been seen on a monthly basis in one to one review meetings with her Client Support Mentor Matthew Smither where she has been able to share about her situation and any concerns she may have had.

Jade has been offered a full time job with the Botanical gardens which she will start in August 2014.

* Name has been changed.

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