Confidence Restored

David struggled much in his early years with being bullied at school. Although David managed to gain some qualifications he found it difficult to get into work for a long time. David felt that if he were to establish himself in a full time job it would help him to overcome the confidence issues he has struggled with.


Learner’s Background:

Because of David’s lack of confidence he was almost 19 years old before applying for an apprenticeship with Jericho. David had suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety due mainly to the bullying he suffered in earlier years. This affected David to the point of needing counselling support as he often felt alone. David found it difficult to mix with others but became involved in various jobs at his local church where he went regularly and he felt this is a way to have a sense of belonging and found much enjoyment in doing this.



When coming to Jericho David felt this might be the position he needs to help overcome his low confidence by giving him a sense of purpose and worth. David had a difficult beginning in the work place at Jericho and found it extremely hard to fit in. After a little while he started to struggle with attendance and found himself going into states of depression when going home.

After bringing the matter to his mentor, Client Support helped David change location to another branch of the business which both David and Client Support felt might help. David established a very good rapport almost immediately with his new supervisor and became a very popular member of staff both with his colleagues and with Centre residents.

David is now working at a Centre for People with Visual impairment and has very quickly impressed the residents and visitors. David even takes his own time during his breaks to play the piano for them in the Centre’s lounge and since then was invited to play at a major Jericho event which he did. David said about his apprenticeship placement,  “I get on really well now with the supervisor and other apprentices too”.

David’s attendance and punctuality have been consistently good since moving and he seems motivated to work to a high standard, relating well to team members and Customers alike. David shows much higher confidence now and enjoys being able to relate to the people around him. Feedback from his supervisor has also been very positive.

David is working well towards completing an NVQ with Bournville College and at one mentoring session dated 24 September 2014 David said, “Although I was nervous at first….I eventually settled and have been able to get involved in the Maths and English and also the practical session in the afternoon.”

David has completed the apprentice contract and has now been offered a temporary work contract for 16 hours a week with Jericho.

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