Persevering despite adversity

Emma* is 19 years old; a young single mother who didn’t gain many qualifications at school and who is currently working in one of Jericho’s social enterprises.

Emma had issues with alcohol, substance misuse, and depression which she is now has now overcome with Jericho support.  We have also helped her to deal with some debt issues and some negative relationships which were impacting on her progress.  Her apprenticeship has helped her to gain confidence and enable her to build for a positive future.

Emma finds the academic aspect of the apprenticeship difficult but she continues to persevere despite the complexities and set backs she encounters in her personal life. The pastoral care and support Jericho provides is an essential component of her apprenticeship and it is unlikely that she would have got this far without the help received from her colleagues.

Emma has been seen on a monthly basis in one to one review meetings with her Client Support Mentor where she has been able to share about her situation and any concerns she may have had.

Emma is on course to complete her full apprenticeship, including all the qualifications. She has been offered a 3 month contract with Jericho after she completes her apprenticeship.

* Name has been changed.


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