Superstar Fundraiser achieves £30 for Jericho

Superhero Imogen, 7 Years Old, sells loom bands to raise vital funds

The Jericho Foundation had a very special visitor recently, as Superhero and Batgirl’s Superstar Assistant, Imogen, came to our Head Office with the £30 that she raised to support Survivors of Modern Slavery (SoMS).

Image: Superhero Assistant, Imogen, presented with a thankyou certificate by Richard Beard, Chief Executive of The Jericho Foundation, on behalf of Batgirl

Imogen receiving her certificate from Jericho Chief Executive, Richard Beard

Imogen raised the money through selling her handmade loom bands to friends, family and anyone else who wanted this ‘must-have’ accessory!

After bringing the funds to Jericho, Chief Executive, Richard Beard, presented Imogen with a certificate ‘on behalf of Batgirl’, thanking her for her amazing fundraising efforts.

Beard said: “What a fantastic achievement by Imogen! Her amazing efforts are helping people to be supported by our Equiano Project; people who have gone through considerable trauma and need high levels of support.”

Equiano is a bespoke project that enables Survivors of Modern Slavery to work or volunteer in Jericho’s Social Enterprises, at a pace they are comfortable with; they concurrently receive holistic support and signposting to specialist services from our People Support Team, to further enable their reintegration into society.

Talking about the latest estimates from the Global Slavery Index, Beard continued: “The level of Modern Slavery in the UK, and in particular, Birmingham and the West Midlands, means that Equiano is becoming more and more of a priority. We are proud to be members of the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network, which brings together statutory agencies such as West Midlands Police and local councils, alongside charities and other agencies, to tackle this heinous crime.”

Fundraising must run in the family, as Imogen’s dad, Martin, has also raised funds for Jericho. Having recently completed not one, but TWO Marathons in the space of a few weeks, Martin has raised over £700 to support SoMS through Jericho’s Equiano Project.

As Batgirl says, Imogen is a real Superhero… and we agree!

Well done, Imogen (and Martin)!

If you want to be a superhero fundraiser like Imogen and Martin, we would love to hear from you; but don’t worry – you don’t have to run a marathon! Others have raised funds in many ways, including selling homemade cakes (always a winner!). Your support, however large or small, will definitely make a difference in the lives of many marginalised people. If you have an idea, or want to get on board with an event, then please do contact us!

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