Supporting Victims of Modern Slavery (….And celebrating being able to walk again!)

DR KARAMAT IQBAL, one of the trustees of the Jericho Foundation is raising money to help with the work of the charity and its support for Victims of Modern Slavery.

An education professional and consultant who has specialised in the field of providing second chances to marginalised individuals, Karamat knows first-hand what it feels like not to be able to walk. So, over Easter this year, accompanied by his son, he will be embarking on a proper long walk in Italy to raise money for Jericho.

Here is Karamat’s Story:

In 2014 I spent three or four, extremely long, days lying in my bed in the Critical Care Unit at the Birmingham QE Hospital, having spent the previous seven days under a general anaesthetic. They had operated on me, twice, during that period. Apparently, I nearly did not wake up.
I was completely immobile. I could not move about in the bed without help. Thoughts such as ‘Is this it?’ or ‘Will I ever be able to put on my walking boots again?’ were constantly going through my mind.

Then one day the physio man came; a supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers (so I called him Wolf Man). He said, “when I come tomorrow, I want you to walk”. It took a while to register what he had said. What is this walking that he is talking about? Who walks? How do you do it? I could do it in my head, but nothing more. At that time, I even needed help to turn over in my bed.
Tomorrow came. True to his word he was there. It took a great deal of effort to get out of my bed. Then I managed to do it. I took two, maybe three, steps. What a mighty feat it was. I had climbed my K2. The rest was going to follow. “I will make sure it does”, I thought.

Over the next couple of weeks, I built on those first steps. I walked the ward, progressively going further, until one day managing to do the entire length. I then walked out of the ward, along the long corridor, all the way to the lifts.

The next, possibly the last, major challenge was to walk the stairs. The first time I did it, I nearly fell down. I discovered that walking the stairs was different from walking on the flat. Apparently, you have to remember to bend your legs as you climb up or down! I was just like those very young children, whose parents worry when they have to navigate the stairs.

Once I had worked out how to do the stairs, I walked down to the next floor, holding very tightly to the railing. Then two floors, then three…

After coming home I walked regularly; almost daily. Each time walking that much farther. After a year I walked 12 miles, the distance between our house and the hospital. I was accompanied by some 25 friends and family.

And now over Easter, nearly four years on from waking up from my operation, I have decided to embark on a proper long walk, accompanied by my son with his younger legs. So, as a bit of a challenge, we are going to Italy where we shall walk everyday.
I am really looking forward to spending time with my son and using my legs for the purpose they were meant for. And, of course, raising money for The Jericho Foundation in their work to support Victims of Modern Slavery.

To support Karamat and to help raise money for Jericho, please visit the JustGiving page which can be accessed from The Jericho Foundation’s web site here or click on this link to go straight to the JustGiving page.


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