Donate and Give


You can donate your gift to Jericho using the popular online methods, PayPal and JustGiving.


If you wish to donate to Jericho via a cheque, please make it payable to “The Jericho Foundation”.

This will be gratefully received at our registered address: 

196-198 Edward Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9LX

We will provide a thank you letter, to acknowledge our receipt of your generous gift. We aim to present any cheques received within a maximum of three working days.

Bank Transfer

You can donate to Jericho by making a bank transfer, via online banking – please ask us for our bank details and we will be happy to help you.

Larger Gifts

Picture: Give/Donate to the Jericho Foundation
Talk to us about how to maximise your generous donations

Jericho has a number of unique and significant projects that require unique and significant support. We are always open to partnering with those who would like to donate larger amounts, towards specific outcomes. If you would like more information about how you can give, please contact us and we will be glad to answer any queries you may have.

When someone chooses to donate to Jericho, it doesn’t matter if what they give is £1 or £1M – we are always grateful for the support.

Leaving a Legacy

Picture: You can leave a donation or gift to Jericho in your will
An opportunity to leave something that will keep growing…

Your Will is a very important document, as it determines your wishes as well as your legacy. Leaving a gift to charity can be a very meaningful and practical way to ensure that your support continues into the future.

It is also a very personal decision as to how this will be achieved; usually, there is a financial donation, but you are also able to leave property and goods that the charity may use or sell accordingly.

Family is, of course, a primary concern; we would be honoured, if you also chose to leave a legacy to The Jericho Foundation. We can provide a codicil that can be inserted into your Will, to reflect your wishes accordingly.

Please do get in touch with us via email or call 0121 647 1960 for further information.

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