Social investment tax relief should be more accessible, says Jericho Foundation chief

Speaking at a Philanthropy Impact event, Richard Beard says this is vital with the sector shifting from grants to social investment.

The voluntary sector is starting to shift from grants to social investment, but reforms are needed to make social investment tax relief more accessible, according to Richard Beard, chief executive of the employment social enterprise the Jericho Foundation.

SITR offers income tax relief of up to 30 per cent, or other tax breaks, to individual investors who invest in new shares or debentures in community interest companies, community benefit societies or charities.

Speaking at a Philanthropy Impact event on SITR yesterday, Beard said he thought charities were beginning to realise dependence on grants was less attractive than other ways of generating income.

He said: “I’ve definitely noticed a major mind shift, a cultural shift, among my colleagues in the third sector in the last few years. They’re recognising that grant dependence and handout dependence are not the future; the future is coming up with sustainable models that will ultimately allow enduring social impact to be delivered without the need to keep going back to people for more and more grants.”

Beard praised SITR, declaring it the “best thing to come out of Westminster in the past 10 years”, but said changes were needed to make it more accessible, specifically an increase in the current €340,000 (£290,000) cap on investments into a single organisation.

He said: “Being a more mature organisation, we are stuck with the €340,000 cap. That isn’t a problem for us at the moment, but I think it will become one in the future.”

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