The Jericho Foundation supports people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed

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We work with people who experience significant personal or occupational barriers to employment, training or social inclusion. Our aim is to provide these people with the skills and experience they need through our range of social enterprises. Read more

Latest News

Jericho Foundation Recruits Survivor of Human Trafficking to their Cleaning Social Enterprise

17th October 2016

The Jericho Foundation helps people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed. One of the disadvantaged groups we work with is survivors of human trafficking. This client group recently became the focus of attention, when Theresa May pledged £33m to fight modern slavery, which is a huge problem in Britain today – it is estimated that […]

Successful Sale held at The ReUsers on Social Saturday

24th September 2016

Jericho Foundation is the parent charity of eight social enterprises, one of the largest social enterprise groups in Birmingham. On Saturday 15th October a UK-wide social enterprise event was held: Social Saturday. This is a day all about encouraging people to buy from social enterprises – businesses that put people and planet first. For more information […]

Fundraisers Generous Donation to Jericho Foundation Following the Great Midlands Fun Run

16th September 2016

Jericho Foundation is extremely grateful to members of Real Life Church for their generous donation of £1,500. Members of the Church decided to raise money for Jericho by running this year’s Great Midlands Fun Run. Jericho works with a wide range of disadvantaged local people experiencing barriers to employment, training and social integration. One of […]

Jericho Foundation August Star of the Month is a Volunteer Supporting our Nationwide Print Social Enterprise

16th September 2016

The Jericho Foundation values our staff and recognises their efforts, actions and behaviours.  One of the ways that we do this is by awarding a Star of the Month cash prize to a member of staff who has done more than expected – an individual who has gone the extra mile and accomplished a task […]

Meet the Client

Martin – creativity unleashed

On the outside of the Jericho building in Balsall Heath is a fantastic piece of graffiti art, encompassing all the different businesses we run. It was produced by a guy called Martin who was a client of ours about 5 years ago.

When Martin arrived, he’d mope around the building with his hoody up, not really making eye contact with anyone. But gradually through his time with us, the hood came down. We discovered that he’s a very good graphic designer and artist, and we helped him set up his own business.

As a thank you he painted the mural – a lasting reminder of potential released to bring life and colour to the community.

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