The Jericho Foundation supports people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed

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We work with people who experience significant personal or occupational barriers to employment, training or social inclusion. Our aim is to provide these people with the skills and experience they need through our range of social enterprises. Read more

Latest News

Case Study – Step By Step

26th May 2017

Now in his early 50s, IS was trafficked from Hungary into the UK in 2009. He found himself working 5-6 days a week doing manual labour for 8-9 hours a day. All this was for just £15-20 a week. Amongst other tasks he was asked to drive for the people exploiting him, and ended up […]

Jericho Foundation Construction Staff Helping Ten Thousand Homes to Build Homes in South Africa

26th May 2017

A home is something so many of us take for granted. Andy and Eugene of Jericho Construction have gone to South Africa to help build homes for the most vulnerable. They have joined forces with Ten Thousand Homes and Youth With A Mission. Ten Thousand Homes is a non-profit organisation building hope and creating homes […]

Apprentice Case Study – Getting Back On Track

19th May 2017

H’s mum originally contacted Jericho to ask for help following a continuous deterioration in their relationship and his increasingly volatile behaviour. Background H is a 17 year old with ADHD who lives in a suburb of Birmingham with a supportive family and a decent secondary school education. He has been in trouble with the Police […]

Birch HR Joins the Jericho Foundation’s Loft Workspace

18th May 2017

The Jericho Foundation are thrilled to have another new occupant at The Loft Workspace – Birch HR, who deliver flexible HR services built with schools, academies, social enterprises and SMEs in mind. An independent HR provider, Birch HR deliver high quality advice to ensure the best possible outcomes, to maximize business performance, to raise standards and to […]

Meet the Client

Martin – creativity unleashed

On the outside of the Jericho building in Balsall Heath is a fantastic piece of graffiti art, encompassing all the different businesses we run. It was produced by a guy called Martin who was a client of ours about 5 years ago.

When Martin arrived, he’d mope around the building with his hoody up, not really making eye contact with anyone. But gradually through his time with us, the hood came down. We discovered that he’s a very good graphic designer and artist, and we helped him set up his own business.

As a thank you he painted the mural – a lasting reminder of potential released to bring life and colour to the community.

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