The Jericho Foundation supports people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed

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We work with people who experience significant personal or occupational barriers to employment, training or social inclusion. Our aim is to provide these people with the skills and experience they need through our range of social enterprises. Read more

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Case Study – From Suicide Attempt to a New Life

24th March 2017

In 2009 J, a Hungarian man in his 50s, was working as a builder and bus driver. The recession left him unemployed, homeless, and supporting his elderly mother. Duped by false promises he came to the UK – forced to live in a small house with 25 men, working 70 hours per week for £10. […]

Case Study – Duped By A False Promise

24th March 2017

BH is a Hungarian man who was trafficked into the UK in November 2011. He was promised that he would be able to work in a factory, and would earn roughly £700 a month. BH has a close relationship with his family and saw it as an opportunity to pay back money that he owed […]

Jericho Social Media Day – #jerichoinaday – Wednesday 5th April 2017

16th March 2017

On Wednesday 5th April we will be holding the first fun, inclusive, interactive Jericho social media day #jerichoinaday! #jerichoinaday aims to showcase the moments, big and small, that make up the everyday life of Jericho – from meetings at head office, to recycling pick-ups … to what goes on in the kitchen at catering, or […]

Jericho Apprentice Winners At 2017 Star Apprenticeship Awards

16th March 2017

The 2017 Star Apprenticeship Awards took place on Friday 10th March at The MacDonald Burlington Hotel. Patrick Masih, Client Support Manager, and Carolyn Davies, Catering Manager joined our apprentices at the event. We are delighted to share that the Jericho Foundation had two winners! Billy (above), one of our Jericho Catering apprentices, won the Hospitality Apprentice […]

Meet the Client

Martin – creativity unleashed

On the outside of the Jericho building in Balsall Heath is a fantastic piece of graffiti art, encompassing all the different businesses we run. It was produced by a guy called Martin who was a client of ours about 5 years ago.

When Martin arrived, he’d mope around the building with his hoody up, not really making eye contact with anyone. But gradually through his time with us, the hood came down. We discovered that he’s a very good graphic designer and artist, and we helped him set up his own business.

As a thank you he painted the mural – a lasting reminder of potential released to bring life and colour to the community.

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