The Jericho Foundation supports people to become fulfilled, skilled and employed

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We work with people who experience significant personal or occupational barriers to employment, training or social inclusion. Our aim is to provide these people with the skills and experience they need through our range of social enterprises. Read more

Latest News

Obtain high quality good and services while supporting Jericho social enterprises

25th April 2016

You can obtain high quality goods and services for your organisation at competitive rates, while supporting a range of socially-valuable and environmentally-friendly enterprises run by The Jericho Foundation. Based in Birmingham, Jericho gives disadvantaged people a hand up, not a hand out. We provide paid employment together with a holistic package of support, guidance and […]

The Jericho Foundation is proud to announce we have been awarded the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility #bbc4sr

11th April 2016

We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility. The Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility is a set of guiding principles which Birmingham City Council has adopted. Its aim is to boost the local economy by maximising the social value the council obtains from its £1billion purchasing power […]

As Contract Hygiene Market Grows, Jericho Continues to Develop Cleaning Social Enterprise

11th April 2016

Following a recent analysis of 70 top cleaning contractors by MTW Research, the contract hygiene market is expected to experience a solid £100m growth in 2016. This is no surprise to Nigel Lawrence, new recruit to the Jericho Foundation. Nigel brings a wealth of experience as the owner of a branch of one of the […]

As Spring Nears – Time to Think about School Leaver Hoodies

24th February 2016

The mornings and evenings are getting lighter and brighter – Spring is officially on its way.  For those in the education arena, it may be time to give thought to those who are leaving this year. Personalised hoodies are hugely popular and are a practical, thoughtful memento of the pupils’ time at your school, college […]

Meet the Client

Martin – creativity unleashed

On the outside of the Jericho building in Balsall Heath is a fantastic piece of graffiti art, encompassing all the different businesses we run. It was produced by a guy called Martin who was a client of ours about 5 years ago.

When Martin arrived, he’d mope around the building with his hoody up, not really making eye contact with anyone. But gradually through his time with us, the hood came down. We discovered that he’s a very good graphic designer and artist, and we helped him set up his own business.

As a thank you he painted the mural – a lasting reminder of potential released to bring life and colour to the community.